Series: Between His Legs

For his series Between His Legs (launched and exhibited in 2018), Goldbach worked according to a fixed formula. Through social media he approached women who were unknown to him, but who fascinated him and asked them for permission to photograph them at their place. “I mostly searched in the circles of friends, so there was a base of trust from the beginning,” says Goldbach. “We were strangers to each other until the very moment the front door opened, which of course was very exciting. Because the shoot was at their own house, I immediately got a glimpse of their personal lives.” The series gives the viewer the same rare view of the private spaces and personalities of some of Amsterdam’s most intriguing women.

With Between His Legs, Goldbach pays homage to female beauty, adventure and rock & roll. Entering the frame himself as well, Goldbach places himself in a long artistic tradition, where the photographer is both viewer and subject at the same time. The spectator, in turn, is no longer a passive voyeur, but becomes an intimate participant of each scene.

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Official Teaser Video Between His Legs
Exhibition Highlight Video
Prints available on Proline Satin
150x100 or 75x50 cm